December Adult Book Review

December was a BUSY month. A LOT happened in December, more than usual. So my book list isn't so "grand" for December. BUT Thanks to audiobooks, I did get to finish a few!! 

I read these back in college, and I just felt like I needed to read them again. It's funny how when you read the same books at different times in you life, you get different messages from them, or you connect to them in a different way. 

This one was really good. It was about a rich family, who's parents were murdered. The three kids are prime suspects since they stand to inherit millions. It's told through the eyes of the three kids (who are adults and have their own problems in life). In the end, there's a little twist, which is the kind of ending I like. BUT, I didn't really see the clues leading up to it, either. So not QUITE the psychological thriller I usually get to read. 

And last, but not least....

I have always loved Michael J. Fox.  And ever since he has come public with his disease and I see how he doesn't give up on life, it makes me really respect him. This books just showed me even more how much determination he has in life. Such an inspiration.

Ok - so those are my December Books - Hope you find one or two that you might want to read! 


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