100 Days of 1st Grade

Happy 100 Days of 1st grade! It's crazy to thing we only have 80 (well, 77 because of the hurricane days) left of school. We still have SO MUCH TO DO - I have so many themes and skills to teach!!

Before I go into what we did today, here are some books that you can read that day...

The first thing we did was do our math board

Then we moved on to our 100 Day Fashion Show!  I rolled out the red carpet (some paper - lol) and put a background on the projector and found some fashion show music on youtube. Each kid brought in an index card describing their outfit. 

Here's me and one of my teammates... I really went all out for the Fashion Show - haha!

Then, it was time to get the "party" started.  We didn't go crazy or anything, but we had some fun.

One station was to create a picture out of "100" numbers. 

Another station was to make their hats - 10 strips of paper, with 10 dots on each... last year, I did stickers. Dabbers are the way to go!

Another station was to build a tower with 100 cups. I saw this on Jodi's IG and was like, "duh! I need to do that, too!" 

They started getting really creative and building walls around kids... that was fun to watch. lol

Another station was to write their page of our 100th Day Class Book

The last 45 minutes of the day, we worked on our Ten Frame Snacks.  For whatever reason, I decided we were going to use the giant tweezers to grab the food. haha... 
The kids really liked that added detail. 

Then they baggied it all up and took it home.

Happy 100th Day! 

Check out more of what we did in my 100th Day pack


Unknown said...

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Kate Morey said...
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Kate Morey said...

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Harry Patrick said...

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Unknown said...

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