Winter Minute to Win It

We are in the LAST few days before winter break!! Survival mode, my friends. 

One of my favorite days at the end of the year is our Minute to Win It games we play (see the games we play, from Reagan HERE), so I decided that we should definitely be doing some of these games before Winter break too! The kids just love them. 

I did these games for 2 minutes each round, 5 rounds. The stations were all pretty self-sufficient, I just had to help the Rudolph nose; giving them their new sticks and putting the petroleum jelly on their nose. 

So - here are the games, in pictures. 

1) Jingle Toss

I made these little "pong" I used foam boards and hot glued the mini solo cups. We used medium bells. Looking back, I would have made 4 boards, because most groups had 4 people, so we needed 2 teams playing at once.

2) Red Tree Stack - give them a whole bunch of Red Solo cups and see who can build the tallest tree. It was pretty windy that day, so it was pretty funny. haha

3) Ornament Scoot - I got some small ornaments and they had to scoot them down the track. You could just use tape to mark the start and stop points.  The ornaments were glass, so a few did break, but they're cheap... no worries. 

4) Rudolph Nose - tie string to a Popsicle stick (each student gets a new Popsicle stick) and tie a red pom on the other end. Put petroleum jelly on their nose and they try to get the red pom on their nose. 

5) Gingerbread Man Shuffle - similar to the Oreo Cookie game, but with an gingerbread cookie.

These were so fun. I love doing these games. You can download the PDF version to tuck away into your files {HERE}.

One. More. Day.


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So much joy! I love it. Thank you for sharing.

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