Postman for Santa

Every year, I have my students write letters to Santa. This is my first year doing it with 1st grade, and I wasn't even there the day they did it - ha!! Woops. I was at Disney (check out the fun we had on my other blog HERE). What can I say? I needed a day with my family.  Next year, I will probably make sure it's done more the way I want it, but it worked out this year.

The next day, I let them finish it and we had to address the envelope to get mailed.  I have TONS of envelopes in my cabinets. You know how I got them...for free??? I went to my local Hallmark or Publix (grocery store) and asked them if they had any left over envelopes they could donate to my classroom. They ALWAYS have not matching up to envelopes. 

(Letter template comes from my Writing with Rubrics and More - Winter Edition)

I even have them draw a stamp on the envelope. I am always amazed at how many kids don't even know what a stamp is!

Even more amazing... this is (a lot of times) the first time any of them have licked and envelope!

The next day, I had my dad come in and act as the postman from the North Pole!! 

I got this idea from my best friend... she has her husband come in and do it.  Then her family spends the weekend writing letters back to the kids.

 Back before my parents moved back, her family felt bad for me and "adopted" me for this project they did for her. haha.

But then I moved schools. 

But luckily, I wasn't at work last year....

But this year, my dad was more than willing to fulfill the role!

He did so great!! The kids really ate it up! He came in his ski outfit and said he was getting ready to go back on a jet..haha!

He let the kids ask questions and he did great answering them....

"What does Santa do all year??"  He checks the naughty and nice list all year of course...and then he takes a vacation - to Hawaii! And I'm going wit him! haha!

The kids were SO excited! 

Now I have to somehow get all these letters answered! ack!

Patty, over at 2nd in Line, posted about what she does with her letters.... it's brilliant!

Next year, I'm going to have to remember to see if there are any teachers at the intermediate school or the junior high that will want to write the responding letters. Perfect!

What do you do with your letters?


Suzy Q said...

When I taught sixth grade, we paired up with a first grade class and acted as Santa's elves to write the little ones. We talked a lot about not promising anything and printing so the little ones could read our letters. We used Scandinavian names, made special stamps and the letters came "Special Delivery' to the was so much fun!!

Cindy L said...

I send the students' letters home to their parents and have them respond. I send home paper so all the children get a letter on the same paper. Usually most parents write a letter back to their child from Santa. If they don't, I will write the letter.

Patty Rutenbar said...

Thank you so very much for the shout out! That was a sweet surprise!
Merry Christmas!

Alina Florence said...

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