December Highlights

December is CRAZY busy.... for real. 

And now that I have TWO kids in school, it feels even crazier.

But, it's also my favorite time of year in the classroom - my room SCREAMS Christmas and I LOVE it!! I am always sad when I have to take it all down.

Here is the Literature quilt we did - the idea came from {HERE}....and of course we I used The Polar Express.

And we finished our Gingerbread Week...

I did a twist on Deanna's Gingerbread craft - it's a non-tracer craft! I added some buttons and bows and hats so they could write out their lost description....

Find more Gingerbread activities in my Mini Unit

Here are some of the Gingerbread Man Books I like to use..


We did our reindeer week - I used some of Stephanie's GREAT {non-fiction unit}

We wrote out some facts about reindeer... and we did the non-tracer craft from {Teacher Bits and Bobs}. They turn out SO cute!

One day...or two or three... was spent making these number sense trees.

You can download these {HERE} for free.

They look so cute hanging in my hallway....even the crooked one, which may or may not be driving me crazy to have in this picture, but oh well.

Below the trees are the Elf Applications that I LOVE doing!

We read the book The Littlest Elf.

Then talked about what kind of traits elves should have to get to work in Santa's Workshops.

Then they wrote out their applications. 

The application is a freebie I found LONG time ago from {First Grade Parade} and the Elf is another NON-tracer craft from {Teacher Bits and Bobs}.

We had our Theme Day that I posted about the other day. I only did 5 of the 10 stations I posted about - check out that post {HERE}. 

Here are the trees we did - we added some snow to them, so pretty!

And we did the reindeer hat craft.

Silly reindeer games.

One day, we read Who Will Guide My Sleigh Tonight.

We did a quick little "I tried a ___________, but _______________."

We did our Storybook Sleigh Ride with our team, where each teacher picks a book to read and does a craft and our kids rotate through all the teachers. We do it over 2 days.  My book was Santa's Stuck.

We did a sock exchange....the tree looked so cute with presents under it!

And they were so excited about their new socks!

Then...I brought out the Insta-Snow

For us Florida folk, it's the closest we get to snow... 
and the kids all say
 "How did they get the snow here!?!"  
"Is this real snow!?"
"Is it going to melt?!"

Trust me, it's a hit!

Tomorrow is Movie and Pajama Day. Pretty sure there will be some napping involved....and  I will not tell you if it's me or the students - haha!


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