Fire Safety Week

So, each October, I have my husband come in and do a fire safety presentation. It used to be that he came to our classroom and did 2 classes and then went to another room and did one more presentation for the other half. BUT at this school, we have 14 first grade classes. Yes, you read that right. 14 first grade classes. haha. Needless to say, he can't do a rotation anymore. SO, he does one big presentation in our cafeteria.

He puts on the gear and shows the kids what it looks like and sounds like so they don't get scared...and he talks about what to do....

He brings some hoses and axes and poles that he talks about their "roles" for firefighters.

This year, I got to go try on the gear on stage.  That was fun. :)

He's so good to come in and do that for us. Life as a firefighter wife, and life as a teacher husband - ha!

We did some activities in class with firefighters too. One of my favorites is this firefighter poem. I always use it to talk about adjectives, and the students have to label those adjectives and nouns in their illustration of the poem.

Click the picture to download

We also play this song a lot! It's still in my head, actually. You can check out more fire safety songs on my YouTube playlist {HERE}

We actually do a lot of our learning from last year's Scholastic News (I keep the ones I like so I can reuse them!).

Their journal writing that week had a few entries, but this one was "Why are firefighters important?" We're really trying to practice "Stealing and sliding" to answer questions.... hopefully, you can tell. You can grab the cover freebies to our journals and see how we do them {HERE}.

We always do a partner share with our journals. They sit knee to knee and then I tell them "Person A" or "Person B" goes first. (see what I mean in {THIS} post and download the free desk labels).

 We also did some labeling activities from my October Label and Write About It pack.

Happy Sunday, friends!


debbie said...

Are the spiral notebooks they put the poem in strictly for poetry? I love the firefighter poem. Thank you so much!

Unknown said...

This is such a sweet post! It's nice that your husband is so helpful, I would love to get a fireman in to talk to my kids but it is so expensive the head won't agree it.... :(

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