Rules and Laws

A few weeks ago (yes, a few weeks...I'm slightly behind in blogging about our days at school.) I did a little mini unit on rules and laws.

I don't think I really need to go into it TOO much. I mean, I feel like kids get it. But nonetheless, I do it every year.  I read this cute little book...

Then we do our circle maps and discuss Rules and Laws, and we establish that Laws are RULES that citizens of the community follow.

Makes sense, right?


We also spend some time reading the David books. The kids absolutely love him. And he is a GREAT example of a rule breaker, so we can talk about all kinds of different rules.


Then we wrote our own class book!  The kids love writing class books. I put them in a book bin and let them read them all year.

(if you like doing class books, check out my post {HERE} on them)

We did a few more activities, but, of course I didn't get pictures because I'm so crazy at school in the beginning of the year - blah!!

But, here's what else is included that we did. Click the picture to check it out.


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