Spring Day!

Every month, our grade level does a "theme" day where we have rotations with activities and crafts and food... and parent volunteers come in (hopefully) to help.

Some months we do the same theme, and some months we do our own thing... but we always do them. And they are pretty fun! Especially when I get a few parents coming in to help.

This Friday was Spring Day.  I had 2 volunteers come in, and to me, that is a lot! When you come from a school that I really didn't have any volunteers for ten years, 2 volunteers is awesome!

 Pounding their own dirt was probably their favorite part, of course...lol

I love how they turned out!

The next station was their hatching chick. They decorated their egg, then traced and cut out thier chick and I brad-clipped them together.

 Another station was Cara's fraction caterpillars. These are so stinkin' cute!

I layed out my Color Posters for them... we still have a hard time spelling some color words sometimes. lol

Another station was the Number Flowers.

I had them do explanded form, base tens, word form, tally marks, and a different addition problem.

I also do the number activities for pumpkins {here} too, and other "themes" but I don't have pictures of those for some reason...

So here's the loot they went home with today...  Spring day fun!!

At the end of the year, my teammates and I are going to sit and rethink our monthly themes for next year and then I'll share them with you!


KaSandra said...

I love theme days! I wish we were allowed to teach thematically in my district all the time. I think it helps kids make connections and really get immersed in the learning objective. We got to have a theme day recently - SHARKS! So much fun.

harperpaul said...

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