Testing Treats Freebie!

The other day, we signed up to be buddies with the intermediate grades for their FSA testing days. For some reason, I thought my buddy class was taking the test the week we got back from Spring Break. I got my fabulous volunteer to make all the testing treats for them so I could send them over this week. 

Well, wouldn't you know it. They don't take the test until the 2nd week after we get back..ha! Oh well. At least I'm ready for them already!

I'm not much of a candy person, so the typical Smarties and Blow Pops, I don't really do. Something about giving kids candy during a test. It could also be something about me not wanting my own kids to have candy all the time... I know, I'm weird.  (p.s. I realize that Kisses are candy, but I feel better about them than the other kind..ha)

So, here's what I have, for now. 

This is one of my favorites.... did you know that sucking on mints actually helps you focus?!  I always kept a bucket full in my room when I was in a testing grade.

Here are the chocolates....that aren't really candy. lol

Another "treat" I've done in the past is to make Pet Rocks for our buddies!  They always love them! I get rocks from a local sod and landscaping depot type place. Then the kids paint them and give them hair with yarn or a pompom. Add googly eyes and poof!  You have a pet rock!  I got this idea from Reagan and her rock post a few years ago. Except I got mine from a "store" and she got hers from her yard. ha!

I can't remember how many testing days my buddies have....but I also have the bananas and oranges waiting to go! I am just waiting a little closer to the time so they don't go bad.

If you want them, click the picture below to grab them!


Grade School Giggles said...

I just pinned this. I love the idea of rocking the test with pet rocks.
Grade School Giggles

Kelly said...

These are great! I am in a testing grade this year for the first time. When I taught first my class would always do something for all of the testers.
Thanks for sharing!
I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

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