Rainbow Similes {Freebie}

Doesn't that just make you happy to look at?! I just love seeing it when I walk in the room!

This was our rainbow week...in pictures!

We read A Rainbow of my Own. They always love this story. Then we summarized it.

I always love to see their illustrations of this story. Some of them have some great visualizations!

You can get my summarizing cards freebie {HERE}.

For our writing we did another round of similes. This time we did them with color. I love doing this activity. I do it every year!

First we brainstorm things that are the different colors of the rainbow.

Then I did my example on the chart paper. Yes, I realize I didn't draw a Smurf for that sentence. I can barely draw. I don't trust my skills. ha!

Then it was time for them to write out their similes. They wrote their "sloppy copies" in their learner's notebook, then after I approved it, they got their neat paper.

 After they wrote out their neat copy, I told them to go over it with a Sharpie. It's amazing how much they love using Sharpies - such a motivator!

When they were finished with that, they got to work on their rainbow.  I cut up a whole bunch of colorful strips about 1/2 inch wide and then they tore the strips to glue down.

They cut out the rainbow and glued the rainbow and their writing down to blue paper. I just love them! They came out so cute!!

If you want these freebies, click on the picture to download them.

Another activity we did real quick this week, was to do our Pot of Gold writing. The template came from The Teacher Wife, and the writing paper I made to fit the pot. They just wrote about how they found the pot of gold and what they did with it. We added some glitter to their gold and it just made them come to life!

THEN, we added them to my back board! Oh. My. GOSH. I just LOVE this board!! I am never taking it down. Well, I will, but for the rest of the year, it is staying up. The pots will come down (and my big pot), but the rest will stay up. I just love this rainbow. I got the idea from A Cupcake for the Teacher. It just makes the board so much more vibrant than just using my actual bulletin board pieces. I love it!

I hope this posts makes you as happy as it make me... I mean the colors are just so happy!!


Mrs. Yazzie's Classroom News said...

Thank you for a full and colorful post. I've never thought of reading A Rainbow of My Own and developing it as you did. Wonderful idea! Loved reading through your thorough explanation and SUPER appreciate the freebie!

Mary said...

Thank you for the ideas and the freebie! I love how it will brighten up my classroom!

Mandi Moore said...

I love EVERYTHING about this post Jen! I'm doing my rainbow board tomorrow and I can't wait! Did it take long to make the colorful strips? Thanks for posting!

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