Moon Writing {Freebie}

We just finished up our Space Theme. We did it last week, and we just finished writing all about what we learned! 

The way I like to teach my science and social studies themes is in my guided reading groups. I don't use the reading or science or social studies curriculum, so this allows me to integrate however I want. For the space unit, I used the book, Come Meet the Moon from Reading A-Z.  I did this book with all my groups, even my higher ones. They got a lot out of the book. I just work on different levels with in the book and our writing with the groups when I use the same book and level. 

I have to meet with one of my groups on the floor because they don't fit around my table.

If you don't have Reading A-Z, here are some good books you could use for whole group activities.

With each group, we discussed main ideas and details. So they wrote their sloppy copy with me at the back table, unknowingly...we were just working on main idea and details while writing them out.

Then, during our "writing" time, they wrote out their neat copy. Once I approved their writing, they got to do their picture. Our school happens to have really cool astronaut die-cuts. They did the moon with craters, and added some more details they learned in their picture! I got this idea from one of our teachers that did this before I came back from leave. I loved it, so I stole it. She let me. So it's not really stealing, right?

 I love how their pictures turned out!

If you want some planning and writing pages, you can click on the picture below!


Melodee said...

so cute! your ideas always make me want to teach elementary!

Shannon said...

Thank you. I haven't taught space yet this year, so I'll definitely be using this. I think they will love it.

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