Adding 10s, Vday Smores, and Nonsense Words

Last week was my first full week back to work. I'm going to say it. I enjoy being back to work. I love being a teacher, I love to socialize with friends, and I love coming home to my babies who run up to me and love me and hug me.  They seem to love me more when I'm not home 24/7 with them..haha! 

This week we practiced more with adding and subtracting multiples of 10. We use my Math with Decks of Cards pack (for Grade 1 - but there is an upper primary edition too!)

We have also been using Reagan's math journals. Her ones for February are spot on for what we have been working on. I love using notebooks in math - quick simple checks!

I had a group of kids doing the multiples of 10 with my February cards. You can get the cards {HERE} for free.

Our phonics skill this week was long u with silent e. So we used some activities from my Long U pack and my Real and Nonsense Pack.  I posted about all my Real and Nonsense packs {HERE} if you want to check out what's in there.

And then we started really working on writing using topic sentences, details and conclusion sentences. We came up with the topic sentence as a group and then we brainstormed details to go with the topic sentence. They had to choose two of them to write out as sentences. Then we came up with the conclusion sentence together. After they wrote out their neat copy, they took a green crayon to underline the topic, the yellow crayon to underline their details and the red to underline the conclusion.

After they finished their writing, they got to do their craft!

I found this cute craft from First Grade Frenzy.

I don't have a bulletin board in my hallway (boo!) but my daughter's VPK school has lots of them.. and there are always some great BBs there...and this one is just so cute and creative! I love it! I can't do the religious part at my school, but I love the idea!

On another note... I had my doTerra order come in the mail today! I love it! I am quite addicted to oils. I use them EVERY day. 
I wish I could diffuse them at school. Can you diffuse oils at your school??

If you're interested in using oils, you can check out my doTerra site {HERE}.


Rachel Joanne said...

I don't know if we can diffuse. Do you use these at home instead of candles? We've recently noticed all of the residue that is left from our favorite Yankee Candles and so I am exploring alternatives.

I love that bulletin board. I can definitely think of some ways that I could make that work for the board outside of my room. Thank you for sharing!

Mrs O Knows

Unknown said...

Welcome back to school, Jen! I really love the green, yellow, red strategy to identify topic and concluding sentences. I'm definitely going to put that to work in my classroom! Thanks for the inspiration!
First Grade Bangs

Heather said...

A parent in my classroom collected enough money to purchase a diffuser for my classroom, but my principal shut it down. I would love to hear if anyone has one and what they did to get it cleared.

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