February, Braille, and Frog and Toad

Happy Monday!! I feel like today has been super busy....has it? Or is it just me???

So, today our Family projects started coming back....This one is SO cute! He took the names off of the list (cut them out) that I sent home for Valentine's Day cards (get that list HERE) and put them on the heart...LOVE this! And his writing part to the family project is behind his heart.

Here's another one that came back.she loves donuts and cupcakes and ice creams! haha! And then she added in her family....hehe!

So this week, we're going to be doing the Helen Keller story in our reading series...(I KNOW...the 2nd story out of the reading series...WHAT is wrong with me?! ha!) So I got out my Braille file (which I've had since I lived in St. Augustine, 10 years ago!) and we did a little background knowledge on Braille before we started reading the story. I gave them a "cheat sheet" that they used to write out their name. It's one of my favorite activities to do.  I don't know where I got this sheet, and I googled it, but it didn't' come up, but TONS of other Braille alphabets did. When the glue dries, the dots are raised like Braille.

We also started our new Read Aloud series....Frog and Toad. I LOVE these books! I'll use my Bloom's Taxonomy questions after each day of reading it...but I also have a Frog and Toad pack

And my kiddos have been HARD at work during centers working on all the different activities in my February Common Core Centers.

Collective nouns....


Poetry center with 4 different task cards...

This is one of my favorite centers - 3 different paragraphs that they have to put in order. They have to use the clues in the sentences to SEQUENCE and figure out which sentence was the topic sentence...reading AND writing skills all in one!


vowel teams...

AND, I wanted to let you know that I just uploaded my Candy Heart Math pack!! It's a lot like my Fish Math and Marshmallow Math packs....I can't wait to use it on Friday! Snag it up -it's on sale!

Here are all the packs I listed in this post, with the links to take you to them!

You can grab a freebie for February on {THIS} post!



Miss Squirrels said...

I love the Braille Activity! How cool to "feel" their names!
☞ Go Nutty With Me ☜

Miss Trayers said...

Their projects came out very cute! I also love that you shared braille with them. My kids are obsessed with Helen Keller's story and would love that.


Unknown said...

You've had a busy week, Jen! I love the Braille activity! We're getting ready to start biographies and this would be a great extension after reading about Helen Keller!

Mrs. Wheeler said...

I didn't know you lived in St. Augustine before your current residence! I love that little place! The Popsicle place there is to die for! I bet the kids had a great time with the alphabet! How fun! I can't wait to use your family pack next year!

Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade

Mrs. Wheeler's TPT

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