Ready for the New Year - Organizing and planning!

Today was a workday. A TEACHER workday. With NO meetings. You heard me! It was GLORIOUS, I tell you!! Some people prefer to plan at I don't get much planning at home because of my 2 little rugrats that I just HAVE to play with while I'm home.  So I headed to work...and I was the only one in my pod for a few hours, which is great because then of course all you want to do is talk, right? haha!

I didn't know exactly where to begin, I had so much on my to-do list, so I did something that wasn't even ON my list...haha! It had been bugging me forever though, so I did it right then and there...I made labels for all of my binders - that match! (and no, this isn't all of my binders...5 of the bazillion. lol). Something about being all uniform and organized, just makes this girl happy, you know?

THEN, I found a box from Scholastic that NEEDED my attention...again, not my to-do list, but it still NEEDED to be done AND it more organizing and labeling! haha!

So I looked up the A.R. levels of the books and labeled them. You can look up the levels on {THIS} site.

I also put my "Return this Book to Mrs. Ross" stickers on all of my books. These stickers have come in handy, let me tell you. I've had students a year later bring me back a book they found at their house...or when books go missing throughout the school, they know who's mailbox or classroom to give them back to. I highly recommending you label your books!

THEN, I finally got down to business. I did all of my report cards, PMPs, and my profile sheet that we have to turn in. Let me tell you, paperwork is the LEAST favorite thing about my job...well, one of the least favorites anyway.

I also started printing...Their spelling homework next week is going to be the spelling tic-tac-toe, a freebie I posted last year. You can find it on {THIS} post.  I also printed off The Applicious Teacher's New Years Freebie. You can grab that {HERE}.

I also printed off all of their non-fiction penguin books for them to start writing! We are going to do our planning next week, and then our neat copies. I'm so excited. I love these books! You can check out the ones from last year {HERE}.

I didn't take any pictures, but I also got ready more of my January Centers AND my Subtraction Sleuths...we need to do some review of subtraction when we get back, and this is perfect for it!

Ok, it's time for me to go catch up on Kelley and Michael. OH! I'm currently thinking of ideas for my February Lit and Math centers. Any thoughts on what skills you'd like to see included? Let me know -I'm making my list!


Sivory said...

Wow! You were a busy lady today. You have got to feel good about all you accomplished today. We do not have school tomorrow due to extreme cold weather conditions. I plan to go into school and enjoy the day without the kiddos. I only hope I am as productive as you were!
Stephanie Ivory

Anonymous said...

I have a workday coming up soon and I hope I get half as much accomplished as you did! I know that I tend to be one of those talkers and never get my to-do list finished. Maybe this time I'll do better!

A totally random question, but what fonts did you use for your January center pack? They are super cute! I'm not a second grade teacher, but they look amazing!


Karen said...

I wish we'd had a work day although with no paper in the building to print things it would have been hard. You inspire me so much I wish you were in my building so you could be my mentor.

I have a huge to do list that I hope to whittle down as the week goes by but if paper doesn't arrive soon that will delay things a lot.

Unknown said...

We teachers are lucky because we get TWO new years - the one now and the one at the start of each school year! Thanks for the inspiration to clear out any stuff I don't need for the second half of the school year!

Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family!

Jen R said...

Karen! You just put a big 'ole smile on my face!! Thank you for those sweet words!!

Casey - I used TONS of different fonts! lol KG Fonts, DJ Inkers, Rowdy, Hello Fonts, TONS of different ones...I have a font and clip art addiction problem. :)

Sara at school said...

Love the label idea - did you make those return labels yourself or did you send off for them? I'm copying that! Sara

Jen R said...

Hi Sara! I made them myself :) Easier to keep making them as I need them! ha!

Unknown said...

Love the binders and the labels! I put "This book belongs to..." labels inside each of my books, but I like the idea of putting them on the outside of the books! I'm on a organizing, cleaning, and decorating kick... as I blog, I think many other teachers are too! Maybe Spring is in the air or it's just us type-a teachers ;)
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