Working Hard in Math

I'm about a week late on posting this, but I just have to show you this....

Last week (like 2 weeks ago), we had our celebration for our Math Fact Winners! They have been working hard on building their ice cream sundae papers (passing their addition fact quizzes) and we finally had our celebration!

They built their sundaes on paper, I crowned them (the crowns were left over from Brooklynn's birthday party, but I think I actually really like it, so I'll probably keep doing it. lol), and then they built their REAL ice cream sundaes!

You can see that they are ready to work on their subtraction party! I even have some kids that are on their multiplication already!! So exciting!

You can check out {THIS} post to see how I organize and "handle" my daily math facts quizzes. Check out {THIS} post to see how we celebrate for our Subtraction facts!!

Click any of the links below to purchase these packs - separately or as a combo!

Also, last week (2 weeks ago, since I'm way, we were working on our subtraction with regrouping skills. They are doing really well with them, I'm super excited how easy they've learned it this year, this is always one of those scary skills to teach. EEK! But they did really well. 

Check out the packs in this post 

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