Gingerbread Week with a Freebie!

Gingerbread Week!!  It's always such a fun week! Or maybe you don't have a whole week, but just a few days, or maybe just a whole day dedicated to Gingerbread!

These are some of my favorite books - You can download the PDF which has clickable links for the books HERE or you can just search on Amazon HERE

Some of my favorite activities to do throughout the week....

Of course, a craft. This one though, we START the week with it because we use it to do our LOST writing. I do a non-tracer version, and they all come out so different, and I LOVE them. I got this ideas YEARS ago...I don't remember from who though. I think Deanna Jump, though? 

They they use their craft for their writing. They plan out a description, with my guidance of what I want. And honestly, it just depends on the skills we've learned if we're doing compound sentences, listing a series, certain words/grammar skills, etc. 

But afterwards, I hang up all the gingerbread people and I read the writings out loud to see if we can find the matches. 

And of course - we HAVE to eat. I love adding food whenever I can! 

These are what we usually do, but you can do whatever you like!

Some other activities I incorporate are ornament making - My husband actually owns a laser business, so he cut out a cookie cutter shaped like the Tough Cookie, and we made our ornaments from them. They're SO CUTE. 

I also love doing these selfie Google Slide Writings

And I will always be using my OLD Scholastic News articles...until they come out with a new one. 

Check out a lot of the activities we do in my Gingerbread Mini-Unit on TpT!

OH... and another thing I love doing (I usually put it in the writing center for the week) is the Gingerbread Man Preposition Book. I have a few of these for throughout the year. You don't HAVE to make it a preposition book, but that's what I always do to review prepositions.  Grab it for free HERE.  



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Commenters on Gingerbread Week express excitement, community participation, and appreciation for freebies. They encourage readers to discuss their participation, creating a positive atmosphere. They also encourage discussions on baking and decorating gingerbread creations, sharing experiences and tips. The holiday spirit is evident in the enthusiasm expressed by commenters, contributing to a festive and joyful atmosphere during the week. Overall, Gingerbread Week fosters a sense of community and festive spirit.

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