Teaching ELA Standards with Poetry

I don't know about you but I LOVE using poetry in my room!!

We use it for so many different skills.You can teach so many different ELA standards; fluency, phonics, grammar, and more! Who says you need to always have a worksheet or printable (newest term for ditto) to teach kids?? Incorporate the learning! This is the best thing I have seen come out of NOT using the Reading Series - linking it all!

I usually do a poem for each them (our theme for the week) and a poem for the phonics skill for the week...

No matter what kind of poem we are doing, we always do fluency practice... I read, we read, partner read, then they read as a class without me...


You can see how I have my desks set up - to where each kid either has an A or a B... whenever they partner read, I always break up the poem and then tell them who goes first (either A or B) and when they read it through the 2nd time, the opposite letter starts. If I have an odd man out, then I become their partner... they LOVE being the odd man out.

And every poem we do, we always do a visualization activity. I print up the poems into half pages, so they glue it to the left side of the journal and on the right side, they illustrate the poem. They get SO good at it!

Sometimes we use the poems for grammar lessons... like our firefighter poem we just did... we used it to help us with adjectives and nouns.

Notice, we also practiced a nonfiction standard - labeling!

Sometimes we use them for sight word searches!
ok... Most of the time we go on a Sight Word Hunt...

Here's what my phonics poems look like...

I take poems from phonics books I have and retype them in this format... and we use it throughout the week for various activities...and visualizing!

Some of my favorite poetry writers that I've found on TpT are Rowdy in First Grade's monthly poetry and Fun in First Grade (Jodi) has TONS of poetry in her Fluency packs and her Sight word poetry, I also love using DeeDee's Monthly Poetry Packs

Here are some of my favorite phonics poetry books that I use, and retype the poems...

Each month, we always put our Journal covers and table of contents in our journals... I just like separating the poems out and keeping them somewhat organized, you know?? PLUS this is just another way to teach about parts of Nonfiction - table of contents! #winwin You can grab the Poetry Covers and table of contents for free {HERE}.  

Check out my other poetry posts I've written {HERE} and {HERE}

I've also made a Phonics Poetry Schedule, which could be tweaked a little for thematic poetry too! Click the picture to down load it.

Do you have any favorite poetry resources?? I would love to add more to my list of resources!


Game World said...

Your students are having a great learning time.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

It is perfect! Part about Phonics Poetry Schedule - is just mindblowing.
And Im just sitting here - using help of this guys :D

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for the helpful tips you have provided! Using of top rated resume writing services helped me to become a teacher so I like reading tips other teachers give. I agree that poetry is very helpful for kids and it helps to develop many helpful skills! Moreover, with a help of poetry you can make children interested in literature and art and into my opinion, that’s wonderful. I think that I need to try some poetry lessons in my classroom also and I need to find something that would be interesting and easy for my students.

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