Oviparous Animals - Inferencing and Eggs!

Last week was our Oviparous animal week.

The kids always love this week. They're always so interested to learn all the different kinds of animals that are hatched from eggs.... and amazed.

These are some of the books that we use during the week....

I start the week off with {Chickens Aren't the Only Ones

That sparks some conversation about other oviparous animals and I pull all my books out on those animals for the week too. 

I use this week to REALLY dive into inferencing. We've been doing it all year, but this is the week that we spend doing ALL kinds of activities.

Click {HERE} to get the egg inferencing sheet. This would be FUN to put little papers with clues in Easter eggs, too!

During my small groups, I use the book in {THIS} unit to work on using clues to figure out the animals. I add sticky notes to cover the animal names on the page.

This week, my students did some research on ANY oviparous animal they want. Our school has a subscription to PebbleGo. I LOVE PebbleGo.  

I gave them these questions to look for while on PebbleGo.  These questions are included in my {Oviparous Animals} pack.

Here are the categories they could search through. I told them to find an oviparous animal and to go for it! haha.

They did so well with the research! 

Snakes and turtles and birds and mudpuppies....oh my!

We are still finishing up these projects, but I'll show the finished project next week, hopefully.

Another activity I love to do during this week is animal riddle inferencing.

I used this poetry book about animals and rewrote a few of the poems, taking out the animal name. 

I hung them around the room, and we did a "Carousel Around the Room" activity. They had post it notes that they numbered to match the riddles numbers. I gave them about a minute at each poster...after I had read each one of them and I made sure that there some high readers in each group that would be able to read the poems for the group. 

After they did each station, we went over the answers. I was walking around during the rotations and heard some really great conversations - debating animals. Such great thinking going on!

At the end of the week, we talked about the life cycle of a chicken. 

We used Bookflix to read a nonfiction book about the chicken's life cycle. Bookflix is another one of my favorite websites - it pairs fiction and nonfiction books for SO many different categories. I can find a pair of books for pretty much EVERY lesson I teach. My school has a subscription to this site too. 

We talked about the different stages of a chicken's life cycle and I found this craft on Pinterest (see my pin HERE) that I really liked and lent itself nicely to talking about the embryo and such.

We did the writing activity that was included in {Christie's pack} and I paired it with this super cute craft. I just love how they turned out!

They also wrote which oviparous animal they think would be the best pet to have... and why. 

This one CRACKS me up - wake up, Mom!!

So, there you have it! Our oviparous animal week!

Check out some of the activities we did in my pack {HERE}.

And now we wait.... and hopefully the eggs in the incubator will hatch! We have ducks, geese, and chickens! I have had a few sad times where it has not worked. I felt SO bad... but here's hoping this time it works!


debbie said...

I was just curious....what do you do with the birds once they hatch and are no longer needed by your classroom? Thanks!

Brooke said...

Love the posts Jen, I was doing riddles about animals with my class and they seem to love it. If you want to try one out, I can share it for you here: Fox And Goose

Deam jones said...

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