Ten Frame Adding

This week in math, we have been working on flip flop strategies and adding to make ten. We did a fun little game called "Shake and Spill" to practice both of these skills.

We also practiced in small group, using our magnetic ten frame boards. I love these things! My students do too.  I got them from {EAI Educations} through a Donor's Choose project. They were supposed to come last year, but they were out of stock until this summer! Worth the wait. I also have the jumbo teacher board ones, and the double ten frame boards for the kids once we get to that point in math....which won't be for a while though. ha!

I came home and wanted to do with Autumn, BUT I used the last copy I had, and I'm pretty sure it was one of the files I lost in the great computer crash of 2014 because I can't find it anymore (insert sad face). SO, I had to make a new own version...

I'm not going to lie, she did pretty good! This is the problem with being a teacher's kid...sometimes your mom just wants to try things out on you - haha!

Click {HERE} if you want the activity.

Happy 3 Day Weekend! 


Mary said...

Thank you for sharing your shake and spill activity! My students with special needs will love completing the page and shaking the counters!

Teaching Special Kids

MRSF! said...

Jen, I love it and will be starting this next week so I appreciate this. I am waiting to get a link to a to program that has a video that I heard was great and will pass that on to you when I get it. I also was thinking about the way you had the student or maybe daughter fill in the ten frame. I would have had her start on the top row and build across to help build the visual of making ten and number sense. The more I use ten frames the faster my students learn their facts and relate concepts. Happy weekend!

buzzer said...

Thank you so much! It will be great to use with my students who are struggling with understanding additions.

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