Hyperlinked Credits Page

I wanted to share with you a file I made for myself which makes my life easier, as a blogger/creator.   I'm sure some of you already do this, but just in case it could help some of you...

I like to make a document file in powerpoint for credits, this way all I have to do is copy and paste for each new document!

One of the pages I have is a "thank you" page for the purchases. I also have one for downloading a freebie, I just changed the wording a little but.

But my BIG time saver is the clip art and font credits page. It took a while to make, and when I lost it in the great crash of 2014, I was pretty devastated. But it's one file that I have to have. 

I took all of the buttons for my favorite clip artists and font makers and put them in a file, then I hyperlinked them in the document.  So now, whenever I need to credit someone, I just copy and paste the button in my document and it's already hyperlinked for me!

I know some people just like to keep all the buttons on the page and just put them all in their pack. I personally don't like to do that because if I see some clip art or frames that I like in the pack, I want to know specifically whose they are.  So, I just keep all the buttons on a template and then I have a separate "Credits" page where I copy and paste the already hyperlinked buttons that I used in that document.

Something so simple, yet such a time saver!   And make sure you head over to Kristen's blog to check out how she did the default fonts!  Her post is what inspired this post!  She's seriously a genius. She's been one of those ladies that I have loved since the beginning of blog-stalking...almost 4 years ago now!


Storie said...

It's like you read my mind. I JUST got around to doing this 3 days ago. It will be a complete time saver for future projects.

Suzy Q said...

Even though I only make things for myself, I need to do this! Due to the huge accumulation of borders I own (a weakness of mine) I will use a really cute one and then later wonder which set it is from.

khall said...

I love this idea!!! Thank you for sharing. I plan on doing this over break.

Unknown said...

This have been part of my to do list for so long! I NEED to do it soon!
Thanks for the reminder!!

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